About VFX-66
They transplant a control interface and a connection port after a conformity operation. The life support system was connected and it was enclosed with the pack and the storage shed in which Protoculture solution was stored." .

Although five of six applicants died in the disposal However, the 6th person survives and it is carried to the base of the Edwards aerospace army in California.
It was tied to the fly-by-wire control system built in secrecy for the project. ... It is VFX-66, pet-name is omega Valkylie . "

It does not solve to the time lag between thinking of a pilot and action of a machine, and completeness, but is the stage of each modification by that. Fatal results, such as an accidental death by the pilot of the general skill at the time of the shift space/atmosphere,
battle to ground battle which is not avoided, had happened.

That time only solution and the method of performing directly physical connection control were proposed here.

Then, the Omega Project which came to a deadlock is developed and the beginning of 2011 and an integrated space army are a more nearly high-speed pilot. It pointed to developing a control interface.Although it was the situation that VF-1 series already went into the production stage towards development and utilization, for an integrated space army's compensating numerical inferior to the battle with the extraterrestrial who should come
It seems that there was the necessity of doing research and development in the innovative body further from recognition that it is still inadequate, from XVF-4 which are a next-generation machine.

Even if VF-1 VALKYLIE of a development stage still has a fatal defect about an interface with a pilot and it minds self-control of loading red-throated loon Avionics.
In order to have satisfied the target mobility ability and employment target, the pilot was asked for many burdens too much.

Although this innovative plan was called Omega Project, development was not progressing in the form which suffered a setback halfway by 2010 for the technical difficult problem.

the moon's surface city BELMOT mayer,

The report of
VFX-66  and  him /CHARLES BRAUTIGAN....

VFX-66 are research of the Mann & machine interface of the control system for aerospace by the next-generation biotechnology logical computer, and application and technical accumulation.
It is as a purpose in 2009.

Integrated space army advance system office was presented.

Many signal cables are connected to brain and the body of the pilot who should also call it a cyborg. So that a mask is carried out and, as for the face, man's original form does not understand the body with a special metal suit, either
It is alike and is covered with the cover.
Human body
Various kinds It is dipped in solution required for life maintenance. again The project was called only "omega" and development continuation was carried out.

Since the mind and body which do not have a problem in the obedience to emotion-instability or a command needed to choose healthy and excellent talented people as this human body subject, although the selection reached to an extreme of difficulty
Desire or choosing six pilots who can agree the intelligence office of an integrated space army on the body of fault without hand and foot which takes various means and fulfills conditions at last
It was able to do.

The body is still more large-sized than VF-4, and seems to be the design which put emphasis on speed, a cruising range, and high altitude and space move power rather than a dogfight. Moreover, to the attack of a missile etc., it has the next-generation laser point defense system (LPDS) which performs shooting high-speed [ despite powerless ] a little, and exact. Size is guessed from the form of wreckage and parts.

The main technical spec. is as being the next, although there is also a still indefinite point, since data were lost.

In addition, X signs are XVF - / YF - It is shown nothing that it is an experimental model on condition of practical use that it is before a number to the last

Lockheed & Rockwell / Bellcom VF-X66

< Spec Presumption >

Length(Presumption):約 28m to 32.8m 

Width(Presumption):約15,m to 17.40m / full wingspan

Hight((Presumption):5.3m to 7.52 m / gear down

Miain reacter(Presumption): Lockheed/Rolls Royce /WESTINGHOUSE fusion plasma reacter
                   Output kw or KN is unknown

Sub engine: ×2 Nakajima/P&W/Rolls FF2011-Splus Series fusion -turbine/variable cycle engine
            <max. unboosted output 140 kN each>  

Unmanned , use cyborg - unit pilot , but one man crew in the test

Remarl: Experiment Inertial contriller omaga Ic -65 Capacitorr powered by main engine.

Arnament: ×12 home-on-jam/ self  red imager guided Hammerhead missiles.
         × 4  LPDS linkage Mauser RÖV-21 laser cannon
Other detail is Unknown